The Not So Big 10 Conference

By Blaidd Drwg

Remember a few months back when the president of THE Ohio State University was less than complementary about the non-AQ schools and was raving bout how good the Big 10 is. Well, let’s see how they did in their bowl games:

Wisconsin 19 TCU 21 Loss
Iowa 27 Missouri 24 Win
Illinois 38 Baylor 14 Win
Michigan St 7 Alabama 49 Loss
Penn St 24 Florida 37 Loss
Michigan 14 Mississippi St 52 Loss
Ohio St. 31 Arkansas 26 Win

Hey, Ohio State, remember us?

The Big 10 managed to put 7 teams into bowl games this season, which isn’t as impressive as you would think as you just need to win 6 games to qualify and the Big 10 teams generally play 4 non-conference games, mostly against pretty weak opponents. In the 7 Bowl Games, the Big 10 is a less than stellar 3-4. Only one of those 3 wins was particularly convincing, with a 7-6 Illinois team beating a 7-6 Baylor team, although I will give Iowa credit for managing to beat a pretty good Missouri team. The 4 losses are the problem – Michigan, Penn St and Michigan State all got completely blown out in their bowl games, with the Spartans, co-Big 10 champs, being completely overmatched and run out of the building by an obviously superior Alabama team. Wisconsin ended up losing an epic game to TCU, one of the non-AQ schools that E. Gordon Gee believed should have not been playing in a game like the Rose Bowl. It wasn’t like Wisconsin came in not wanting to be at the game – it was looking like early on the game was going to be a shootout, only to have both teams make adjustments and play what I think might have been the best bowl game of this post season. It really makes me realize just how badly TCU got screwed in the poles and should probably be playing for a National Championship.

I would still love to see Ohio State step up and play Boise St or TCU on the road next season, just to prove that the big boys shouldn’t have anything handed to them on a silver platter. Instead, Ohio State’s only non-conference games that might be a challenge are going to be at Nebraska , and maybe, only because of the suspended players and coach, at Miami. Otherwise, I don’t think Toledo, Akron and Colorado will be too much of a bother for them.

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