Las Vegas And The Ashtray Of Shame

by A.J. Coltrane

It was a good long first weekend in Vegas of March Madness gambling. I made over 50 (straight) bets on college basketball and won about 65% of them — I had money on all but about two games between Thursday and Sunday. (For the record, betting on every single game is *not* the recommended way to be successful in Vegas.)

The highlight of the weekend was the San Diego State – Temple double overtime game. The Aztecs were 6 point favorites, and the score was close as the game wound down. So close that everyone who had picked San Diego State — and that was everyone in the bar — were loudly rooting for overtime at the end of regulation. And at the end of the first overtime. San Diego State finally pulled away in the second overtime to win by a whopping 7 points! The bar erupted, and there were high-fives with complete strangers all around!

The lowlight was BYU failing to cover as 8.5 point favorites against the Wofford Terriers. Here are the last fifty seconds:

Time Wofford Score BYU
:50   63-73 Jimmer Fredette missed Free Throw.
:50   63-74 Jimmer Fredette made Free Throw.
:41 Cameron Rundles missed Jumper. 63-74  
:40   63-74 Noah Hartsock Defensive Rebound.
:14   63-74 Jimmer Fredette missed Three Point Jumper.
:08 Wofford Defensive Rebound. 63-74  
:02 Terry Martin made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Cameron Rundles. 66-74  

That was a killer! Fredette missed a free throw with BYU up 10, then threw up a terrible brick of a 3-point attempt with 14 seconds to go. Wofford capitalized on this “opening” by making a meaningless 3-pointer with 2 seconds to go, reducing the deficit from 11 to 8, and bringing a collective groan from the crowd. (Nobody had picked Wofford, either.) It was kinda funny actually — most times there’s at least some grumbling and swearing when bets are lost. But to lose the bet like that — what are you going to do? Stupid Jimmer Fredette.

What happens to all of those losing tickets?

The Ashtray Of Shame! For proper effect, say it like a super hero would say it.

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