TTO Revisited

By Blaidd Drwg

Back in July, I made this post about Three True Outcomes. Well, now that the season is over, we can crown this year’s champion. The winner – Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Not only did Reynolds win the award, he blew away the second place finisher, Adam Dunn, and Reynolds also […]

What was that again?

by A.J. Coltrane

Sandy Barbour, California Director of Athletics was interviewed during the 2nd quarter of the Cal Bears – Washington Huskies football game on November 27.  Cal has begun building a new stadium, here’s part of the reason why:

“…one of the priorities was very clear, that we needed to renovate Memorial Stadium, for […]

The Ohio State University Whiners

By Blaidd Drwg

Let me be honest, I have never liked Ohio State. I think they are overrated every year because they are Ohio State and play in the Big Ten and I think it is a bit pretentious to call yourself “THE Ohio State University”, because, you know, I might get it confused with […]

You Think You Are Having A Bad Day?

By Blaidd Drwg

No matter how bad your day is going or how much shit has gone wrong for you today, you are still in better shape than the Carolina Panthers. Their starting quarterback is out for the year, their backup QB is out with a concussion and their 3rd string QB doesn’t give the […]

Recommended Game: Dominion

by A.J. Coltrane

Title:  Dominion

Game Type:  Hand management, deck building, card game. 

Number of Players:  2-4 (2-6 with expansions.)

Complexity of Rules:  Medium/Low

Time to Play:  20-30 minutes with two people who have played a few times.  Up to about 30-50 minutes with more people.

Dominion — Look at all those cards!

The Concept:  From […]

Chocolate for a Cause

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Local chocolate maker (and favorite of Mrs. Iron Chef), Theo Chocolate, have been engaged in a project over the last couple of months where they brought in some heavy hitter, West Coast chefs to design their own Theo confection for a good cause – Food Lifeline. The result is the Theo […]

Athlete in Retrospect — Lester Hayes

by A.J. Coltrane

In honor of the Raiders revival, one of the coolest and most famous cornerbacks of the 80’s — Lester Hayes:

Note the header text: Gerry Cooney, next Heavyweight King. The press was borderline desperate for a white champion in the 80's — back when anyone cared about boxing. has a cool […]

Stuff You Should Have In Your Pantry – Olive Oil

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope to make a new series – “Stuff you should have in your pantry.” Today’s installment is Olive Oil. A good primer on olive oil can be found here. There is a lot to know about Olive Oil, but I am just going […]

Summing It Up Perfectly

By Blaidd Drwg

There have been plently of eulogies for Dave Niehaus’ passing. He was a great announcer (although clearly slipping over the last couple of years), one of the last remaining great ones and his death is truly a loss to the baseball world.

Rob Neyer chimed in on his meeting of Niehaus, and […]

There Was Much Rejoicing

by A.J. Coltrane

From ESPN:

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan’s 21-year run on ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” is over.

Morgan’s contract is expiring and he will not be renewed. Miller’s contract is also expiring though he may remain at ESPN working the “Sunday Night Baseball” series and postseason baseball for ESPN Radio…

I liked Miller, […]