Very Cool Ornithopter

by Coltrane

WowWee Flytech Dragonfly

I took my WowWee Flytech Dragonfly on a car-camping trip last weekend.  It’s an ornithopter that looks like an oversized dragonfly on steroids.  We had access to a large open field and were able to get the Dragonfly up to around 100 feet in the air — about the limit of the remote control.

Here’s a short, grainy video by Popular Mechanics, shot at CES in 2007.  Note that the pilot is good enough to make the dragonfly alight in his hand at the end.

Here’s another short “review” by a kid who calls himself “Mongo.”  He’s actually a pretty good pilot.

Tips and Observations:

1.  If there’s enough wind that it’s making the trees move then it’s probably too windy to run the Dragonfly.

2.  I purchased the 27Mhz version at Toys-R-Us for $20 about two years ago.  It appears that they’re now closer to $40 and only exist in a 49Mhz version.  This may partly be a function of it now being September, rather than the Holiday Season.

3.  The Dragonfly charges in about 15-20 minutes, which will provide about 7-10 minutes of flight.  When it starts to look “tired” then it’s time for a recharge.

4.  The toy turns everyone who sees it into a kid again.  One time I had a very excited middle-aged guy walk across a big expanse of grass to ask me about it, his bemused wife in tow.

Finally, Two Cats vs the Dragonfly.

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