Season 7 is in the Books…

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Well, Top Chef, Season 7 is in the books. I will write my observations on who won after the jump so I don’t spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet.

I will be honest; I skipped the 5 episodes leading to the finals because, frankly, this season just wasn’t that interesting. There was a twist on the final this season which I did like – the chefs had to make a 4 course meal: one vegetable, one fish, one meat and one dessert. There were no restrictions on the vegetable or dessert, but the fish course had to feature Red Mullet and the meat course had to feature duck. The chefs also had to incorporate a couple additional ingredients into their courses somewhere – pork belly, black cockles and cuttlefish. The chefs also had the use of a past winner as sous chef – Hung, Ilan and Michael Voltaggio were available and the chefs drew knives to determine whom they got (more on this below).

Based on the dishes that were produced, it looks like the right person won.

Your newest Top Chef!

It looks like it came down to dessert and frankly, Ed really screwed the pooch with his (Tom described it as almost a “Fuck you” dish because of its simplicity. He should have listened to Ilan – although it really looked like they did not get along. It came down to Kevin and Angelo and, as amazing as Angelo’s dessert looked, Kevin deserved to win it – anytime a Singapore national says “He may have just created the national dessert,” you probably have it in the bag. Kevin created a frozen Singapore Sling. While I am not a fan of the drink, I can tell you that I wanted to jump through the TV to try his.

Angelo almost didn’t participate in the finals – he had come down with something and had to coordinate his menu over the phone and missed the prep day because of it. Fortunately for him, he had Hung as his sous. If you don’t remember – Hung is a freaking machine in the kitchen. If you ever wanted any chef on your team for the culinary relay that they tend to do in Top Chef, it is Hung. I am not sure if Angelo was 100% if he still would have won – it is rare for anyone to blow away the competition in the finals.

My favorite moment – Kevin being told he was Top Chef. His reaction “Really?” I am looking for the video. It is nice to see a Jersey boy win this.

Once again, I manage to pick on of the 3 finalists (Angelo), but once again, failed to pick the winner.

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