Immutable Records and The Stars of ’79

by A.J. Coltrane

When I was in grade school we had the “Scholastic Book Club.”  The program allowed students to buy small paperbacks for a nominal amount of money.  Sports titles included “Winners Under 21”, featuring Muhammed Ali and Wayne Gretzky.  I also bought the book shown below: 

Pre-teen football junkie gold.

Ebay listing […]

Vegetable Suicide

By Iron Chef Leftovers

This is a bit of bizarre Japanese animation from an even more bizarre larger piece. Thanks to the wonderfully demented mind of Trevor Corson for originally posting this (he got it from a sushi chef friend of his). It makes very little sense, but yet I can’t stop watching it.


Time Machine: January 1, 2005

by Coltrane

On the old blog I’d do posts with the theme – “Time Machine.”  I’d pull emails out of the archives and see how they looked in the current light.

Here’s an email from shortly after the M’s signed Richie Sexson, dated January 1, 2005.  For the professional (Joe Posnanski) piece, go to the bottom of this post:

…Ichiro […]

Saving the World Through Salad Dressing

By Iron Chef Leftovers

“I am going to solve all the world’s problems with one salad dressing” –Michael Struk

Salad dressing is usually an afterthought to most people. We buy it pre-made in a jar and it is loaded with stabilizers and salt. What most people don’t realize is that salad dressing is really easy […]

Very Cool Ornithopter

by Coltrane

WowWee Flytech Dragonfly

I took my WowWee Flytech Dragonfly on a car-camping trip last weekend. It’s an ornithopter that looks like an oversized dragonfly on steroids. We had access to a large open field and were able to get the Dragonfly up to around 100 feet in the air — about the limit […]

Mobile Chowdown V

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I love the idea of Mobile Chowdown – putting a bunch of food trucks in one place and letting people go to town. They do it daily in Portland, SF and LA, but not in Seattle (stupid Flanders…I mean city council and health department) To get around this, we have one […]

Season 7 is in the Books…

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Well, Top Chef, Season 7 is in the books. I will write my observations on who won after the jump so I don’t spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet.

I will be honest; I skipped the 5 episodes leading to the finals because, frankly, this season just […]

Playoff Chances?

By Blaidd Drwg In looking at the AL East standings this morning after the Sox swept the Mariners, you will see this:

W-L GB Games Remaining Home Road Rays 88-57 — 17 9 8 Yankees 88-58 .5 16 7 9 Red Sox 82-64 6.5 16 9 7

The Yankees just happen to be leading the […]

Observations on Last Night’s M’s-Red Sox Game

By Blaidd Drwg

The Mariners have hit 90 home runs as a team this season, which is currently tied for last in the AL with the A’s. That is awful. To put it in perspective, the M’s have 2 guys who have double digit home runs – Gutierrez and Branyan, and Branyan leads the team […]

Low Maintenance Herb Garden

by Coltrane


1.  The price of basil in the supermarket.

2.  Having no space for a garden, and a lack of desire to do things like “weed.”

I thought I’d give a “self-watering” planter a try.

Self watering planter. Note the Rubik's Cube for "scale."

This picture was taken after I’d pruned about 12″ of […]