Mourning the Passing of a Legend

By Blaidd Dwrg

Cal McLish from his playing days with the Phillies

You probably have never heard of him – Cal McLish. He passed away Thursday at the age of 84. Cal McLish was a pitcher for the Dodgers, Pirates, Cubs, Indians, Reds, White Sox and Phillies who went a very unassuming 92-92 in […]

Wayne’s Bleedin’ Head

by Coltrane

I had forgotten how young Vince Vaughan was once.  Here’s the incredibly foul-mouthed, classic scene from the movie Swingers — the guys are playing video hockey and Vince Vaughan “makes Wayne’s head bleed.”

I think a lot of guys love sports video games because of the trash-talking involved.

International Bacon Day

There is  apparently an International Bacon Day – it is the Saturday before Labor day, so that makes it September 4th of this year. I want to know why I didn’t hear about this before? I mean, I eat way too much bacon and I love all things pork, so I would have assumed that […]

Top 10 Fictional Home Runs of All Time

By Blaidd Drwg

Jim Caple, who is always good for a laugh or two when he writes, wrote an piece titled “Page 2’s Top 10 fictional home runs“. It is surprising how few “memorable” home runs have occurred in the movies, considering the love of the dramatic ending in Hollywood (how much more dramatic […]

Tiger Woods Loses a Kidney

by Coltrane

Sliding Billy Hamilton, because you know what Tiger looks like.

…No, not really, though the kidney would probably be less painful.  Woods’ wife has filed for divorce, and it’s estimated she’ll get a settlement somewhere in the $50-100 million dollar range.  And the kids.

I saw Herm Edwards on tv recently.  He was talking about […]

Things you should know about garlic bread and bruschetta

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Once again, “Get Fuzzy” comes through with profound food wisdom (strip from August 17th). The last panel contains a great tidbit from Bucky. This came about from Bucky convincing Satchel that there are vampires threatening the house.

The Best Taco Truck In Seattle

By Iron Chef Leftovers

…has finally opened a location in Ballard. El Camion has opened its third location in Ballard as of today in the parking lot of Mud Bay on the corner of 15th Ave and 54th St!!! I know what is on deck for lunch on Monday – Tacos with Tripes, Lengua, and […]


By Blaidd Drwg

For those of you old enough to remember (which, considering that I know most of the readers of this blog should be just about all of you), TWIB stands for “This Week In Baseball”, the weekly half hour baseball show hosted by the late, great Mel Allen that used to air right […]

The Card That Launched One Thousand Ships

by Coltrane


The Card

Somehow the card came to be in our house.  It materialized one day on the elevated hearth that framed our fireplace.  I doubt that we purchased it, as it was in a plastic angled display stand, and plastic angled display stands were beyond our young means.

I don’t remember […]

Fenway Scalpers Crying Poverty

By Blaidd Drwg

The Boston Globe printed an article about how the scalpers at Fenway Park are not making money on reselling Red Sox tickets this season. Maybe I am being insensitive, but am I supposed to feel sorry for these guys?

One of my favorite parts of this article:

Rich wistfully talks about the […]