The Running...Rangers?

By Blaidd Drwg

I am sitting here finishing up a few things listening to the Red Sox vs. Rangers game on the internet and I just realized the Rangers have 8 (!) stolen bases against the battery of Wakefield and Martinez – 3 by Nelson Cruz (who had 0 going into the game), 3 by […]

Ichiro on the Verge of Becoming the M's All-Time Hit Leader?

By Blaidd Drwg

I was looking at the Mariners media guide this morning at the Mariners all time top 10 in offensive categories and I saw this in hits:

All Time Leaders Edgar Martinez – 2,247 Ichiro – 2,230

Ichiro has 15 hits this year, which would put him 3 away from surpassing Edgar. I […]

Shame on Tony LaRussa

By Blaidd Drwg

The Mets and Cardinals played a 20 inning marathon last night, using a combined 19 pitchers and practically every position player on the roster. The Mets, despite only having one hit in the first 11 inning, managed to win the game 2-1.

Despite the game going scoreless for 18 innings, I really […]

Recommended Game: Fluxx

by Coltrane

Title: Fluxx

Game Type: Chaotic Card Game

Number of Players: 2-6

Complexity of Rules: Low. Time to learn is about 5 minutes.

Time to Play: Short, usually under 20 minutes.

The Concept: Players start by Drawing one card and Playing one card. Then, the Rules and win condition (Goal) continually change throughout […]

Handicapping Top Chef Masters - Season 2

by Iron Chef Leftovers

The new season of Top Chef-Masters has begun and it is an impressive collection of chefs with 3 of Seattle’s own – Jerry Traunfeld of Poppy, Maria Hines of Tilth and Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s, competing. My track record with picking the winner is usually not good for the regular Top […]

MLB Salary Collusion?

by Coltrane

The MLB players union is making noise about suing for collusion, but they’ll never win another collusion case again.

Using metrics such as WAR, player performance is now quantifiable to the point that it makes sense that each player sees similar offers from the individual teams.  With more complete information the teams now […]

Pickup Game

by Coltrane

This is in reference to the Stanford-UConn Women’s Championship Game post.   If the Stanford men’s team were to play the UConn women’s team in a pickup game the matchups would look something like this:

Starter Size PPG Starter Size PPG (Conf) Landry Fields 6-7 G/F 22.0 Maya Moore 6-0 F 18.1 Jack Trotter 6-9 F […]

Why Play This Game?

by Blaidd Drwg

#1 UCONN is playing #2 Stanford for the Women’s hoops crown tonight. Why bother? UCONN has won what seems like 5,000 straight games (they last lost in the 2008 final four to Stanford), has beaten 16 (!) ranked opponents this season (including Stanford once this season), has an average margin of victory […]

Dennis Johnson joins the Hall

by Coltrane

Dennis Johnson has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, high school coaching great Bob Hurley Sr., and WNBA star Cynthia Cooper also were in the class announced at the Final Four. NBA veterans Dennis Johnson and Gus Johnson and international star Maciel “Ubiratan” Pereira will […]

Miguel Tejada Knows Where It’s At

by Coltrane

Miguel Tejada knows when say the right thing (at the bottom of this Jayson Stark excerpt):

At least they won’t need a tour guide to find third base.

Fortunately for Miguel Tejada and Placido Polanco, it will be located exactly where it’s been hanging out for the past 165 years.

But playing third […]