Running on the Red Sox - Part 2

By Blaidd Drwg

I didn’t get a chance to finish the last post due to technical issues, but there are several disturbing trends with the Sox catchers – in general, their ability to throw out runners with Wakefield on the mound is shaky at best, teams realize that it is easy to run against Wake, and there is a very disturbing trend downward in Varitek’s throwing abilities.

I didn’t understand the Sox resigning Tek – he can’t hit and he can’t throw anymore which generally makes him a paperweight on the bench. The Sox seem to have the same fascination with Wakefield – he isn’t particularly effective anymore and he seems to give teams more scoring opportunities by letting them run against him, but, thankfully, it looks like he will be heading to the pen when Matsuzaka comes off the DL. There is probably only one way to improve on the ability to throw runners out – go get a catcher who can actually do it.

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