A note to the Mariners

By Blaidd Drwg

Dear Wak and Z,
It is time to end the ridiculous experiment at DH you have with your Griffey/Sweeney Platoon. Neither Griffey or Sweeney looks like they can hit their way out of a paper bag and yet you insist on playing one of them daily and hitting them high up in the lineup. It is time to release Sweeney and offer him a coaching position if you want his “character” in the clubhouse and to put Griffey on the bench as a PH and occasional DH – he is washed up and everyone who pays attention, including your opponents, has figured it out. Nostalgia is nice, but not if you want to compete for the division. Once this is done, you can move Bradley to DH and call up Mike Saunders and put him in LF. Let’s face it you need to do something to wake up this anemic offense and Saunders can’t possibly be worse than the 500 OPS that your excuse for the DH position has put up.

A Disgusted M’s season ticket holder

1 comment to A Note to the Mariners

  • Coltrane

    Sweeney has to go. The roster has too many redundant (and ineffective) parts as it’s currently constructed.

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