Shame on Tony LaRussa

By Blaidd Drwg

The Mets and Cardinals played a 20 inning marathon last night, using a combined 19 pitchers and practically every position player on the roster. The Mets, despite only having one hit in the first 11 inning, managed to win the game 2-1.

Despite the game going scoreless for 18 innings, I really think Tony LaRussa gave up on winning – he not only used 2 position players as pitchers, but used them for 3 innings in the game, which ultimately led to the loss, and managed to have a pitcher play left field.

I really think that LaRussa was trying to lose the game just to get it over or at least hope that they would get lucky and win. Two additional head scratching moves he made:

– Why not bring in a starter? You have a guy who is scheduled to throw a bullpen session that day anyway, and you probably could use him for 60 pitches or so. You could also bring in they guy who is scheduled to pitch on Monday (Brad Penny) and call someone up to make the start in his place on Monday.

– He pulled Denny Reyes out in the top of the 14th after throwing just 15 pitches with 2 outs no one on and Luis Castillo up at bat. By bringing in Hawksworth at that point, I am wondering if it cost him the an additional innings’ worth of use from a real pitcher.

Maybe he really thinks that one game won’t make a difference so didn’t care about what the result was. I just really hate to see a team give up like that.

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  • Coltrane

    As far as the starter thing goes — maybe LaRussa didn’t want to put additional “high-stress” innings on his starters this early in the year. He might have been more inclined to use a starter if it were July instead of April.

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