Recommended Game: Fluxx

by Coltrane

Title: Fluxx

Game Type: Chaotic Card Game

Number of Players: 2-6

Complexity of Rules: Low. Time to learn is about 5 minutes.

Time to Play: Short, usually under 20 minutes.

The Concept: Players start by Drawing one card and Playing one card. Then, the Rules and win condition (Goal) continually change throughout the course of each game.

There are four types of cards in Fluxx:

Keepers: Players can play Keepers onto the table. These are things like Television, Cookies, Milk, Dreams, Time, Love, War, and many others. Having a combination of Keepers on the table that matches the Goal is one way to win the game.

Goal cards: In the course of the game players will receive Goal cards into their hand. A player may opt to replace the Goal card currently in play with a different, new, Goal. The “old” Goal is then discarded. For example, the current Goal might be “Milk and Cookies”. A player wins if they have Milk and Cookies (Keepers) on the table at the same time that the Goal is “Milk and Cookies”. (The player might accomplish this by playing the Goal card, or he might accomplish this by playing the Keeper cards, or possibly both on the same turn.) Another Goal could be to have 10 or more cards in hand. There are many possible Goals, although most of them involve having some combination of Keepers on the table.

New Rule cards: At the start of the game there is a Basic Rules card that states that players must draw one card and play one card. Players will receive new Rule cards into their hand which they may then choose to play onto the table. For example, the New Rule card might say “Draw 3 cards”, if the player chooses to play it onto the table then everyone has to draw 3 cards going forward, at least until *that* New Rule gets replaced. There are also New Rules that limit hand size, or the change the number of allowable Keepers or Goals in play.

Action cards: These are cards like “Trade 3 cards with your neighbor” or “Mix up the Keepers and hand them back out randomly”.

As of the 2008 edition there are now four Creeper cards in the deck. Creeper cards usually prevent the player that owns them from winning. The version of Fluxx that I play is older than 2008, so I can’t speak to these cards. I *have* played Zombie Fluxx, which has Creepers. I didn’t feel like they added anything to the game.

Clear as mud? I’ve taken Fluxx to Adult Beverage Events, car camping, and a bunch of other places. It’s a fun and lightweight game that’s been pretty universally well received.

Here’s the BoardGameGeek page. Note that there are many reviews part of the way down the page under Forums -> Reviews.

And here it is on

If you’re in Seattle I’d urge you to buy it at Gary’s Games.

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