Look out for the Ducks

by Coltrane

Tim Floyd (former USC and NBA coach) has taken over the helm at UTEP.

Steve Lavin (former UCLA coach and ESPN broadcaster) is now at St. Johns.

The really interesting one to me was Tom Izzo of Michigan State denying that he had been contacted by Oregon.

Ernie Kent is gone.  Oregon has hundreds of thousands of Phil Knight’s dollars.  They have the Nike empire behind them.  Expect them to make a huge splash with their next basketball head coach.  It may not be Tom Izzo, but don’t be surprised when it’s a household name.  Keep in mind that many basketball camps and AAU teams are affiliated with a brand of shoes and clothing, either “Nike” or somebody else — it’s a huge amount of exposure.

Ernie Kent wasn’t a bad coach, but if Oregon gets a really good, really well connected coach and Nike throws its weight behind him — look out.

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