Buyer Beware on Jimmy Claussen

By Blaidd Drwg

All of the mock drafts I have seen seem to be pretty high on Jimmy Clausen, the Notre Dame QB, who if you believe the hype, will be the next Joe Montana. I keep hearing about his poise, maturity and ability to deal with pressure – all of which lead a perennially overrated ND team to an amazing 6-6 record against a soft schedule. All of the hype is taking me back to the 1993 draft when the debate was all about who should be the first choice in the draft – Rick Mirer or Drew Bledsoe. We all know how well that worked out.

This, combined with the end of the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland (remember when he was the second coming of Montana?) did get me thinking – who has been the most successful ND QB drafted since Montana. The answer surprised me – Steve Beuerlein. He is the only one to appear in a pro bowl, and his stats in every category are higher than the other 5 ND QBs drafted over the last 29 years – COMBINED.

YR Draft Rd/Pos Player Games YDS TD INT
2007 1/22 Brady Quinn 14 1902 10 9
2000 7/214 Jarious Jackson 5 114 0 1
1993 1/2 Rick Mirer 80 11969 50 76
1987 4/110 Steve Beuerlein 147 24046 147 112
1984 11/281 Blair Kiel 25 1296 8 7
1980 4/89 Rusty Lisch 30 547 1 11

Eventually a ND is QB is bound to do something in the NFL – just maybe teams should wait a few more rounds before picking him.

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