A Baseball Era Comes to a Close - A Followup

by Blaidd Drwg

Back on 2/16, I posted this:
“Outside of Adam Dunn and Jack Cust (the 3 True Outcome Crew), Tug Hulett (don’t ask), Jason Kendall and Brian Giles (who are both looking like they should hang ‘em up), I just don’t really follow any individual player that closely.”

Well, I happened to be looking through the transactions for the week today, and I noticed this that somehow slipped below my radar:

Dodgers – Announced the retirement of OF Brian Giles.

His knee had gotten so bad that he couldn’t continue playing. I am going to miss seeing one of the most underrated players of the ’00’s and a truly nice guy. Looks like I was right about him needing to retire. Now if Jason Kendall would just do the same…

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