The New Big Country

by Coltrane

Hasheem Thabeet is headed to the NBA Developmental (D)-League.   Thabeet was the #2 pick in the 2009 draft.  He becomes the highest draft pick ever to be sent to the D-League.

The popular comparison in the press is Darko Milicic, the #2 pick in the 2003 draft.  I don’t think it’s the most accurate comparison.  Milicic […]

Ozzie Guillen and Twitter

by Coltrane

Ozzie Guillen has decided to join Twitter. 

“That’s why the world is all screwed up,” he said. “I want to say [bleep] off, but I can’t. All of a sudden, we’re worrying about something that is personal. I wanted to do something that is fun off the field. All of a sudden, they’re […]

What is the big deal about eating cat?

by Iron Chef Leftovers

I don’t understand the outrage over Beppe Bigazzi’s comments on Italian TV about eating cat. Is it really so different than eating pig, cow, chicken or any other non-endangered animal. Look, for centuries, peasants would eat just about anything as a source of protein – songbirds, cats, rats, rabbits, etc. If […]

It's the Winter Olympics on NBC

by Coltrane

Whoever doesn’t fall down, wins!

The Summer Olympics are about succeeding and the Winter Olympics are about not failing.

The Winter Olympics:

Figure skating?  Whoever doesn’t bobble or fall down wins.

Speed skating?  Whoever doesn’t trip over somebody else wins.

Downhill skiing and any of the half-pipe/ moguls/ X-games stuff?  Whoever remains upright all […]

A baseball era comes to a close

by Blaidd Drwg

An era in baseball is coming to a close. It is not something that you will hear people talking about for years to come, but it is more of an era that is defined by events in your lifetime. For me, 1988 really marked the beginning of what I will call the […]

The Rapaport Rule

by Coltrane

I finally got the chance to watch last weekend’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

You may remember Michael Rapaport from the film “True Romance.”  (He played Dick Ritchie, Cristian Slater’s clueless actor friend.)

During last year’s celebrity game Rapaport fouled the bejeezus out of anything that moved.  He must have committed 20 or more fouls, and they […]